Skyglobe Studios - Teaching

Let's say you have a great new idea and you want to make it real but you're not confident about your current skills.

Or maybe you are confident about your skills but the new guy needs to learn the basics and you don't have time to be a coach.

Sharing knowledge and keeping yourself and/or your colleagues up to date with the State-of-the-Art is the key to stay relevant these days. The problem is that knowledge alone is not enough: it takes time, passion and patience to be a good teacher or a good coach.

How do I know?

I've been coaching junior sysadmins and teaching classes about IT subjects (like "how to set up a webserver with Apache") as part of my internship when I was studying for my B.Sc. in Computer Science at the Università degli Studi of Trieste.

As you can see I like to share my knowledge so much that I've started as early as possible and I'm thrilled when I see the moment when someone else understands a concept I was explaining.

You can send me an email to or you can visit my LinkedIn page.